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CHC Biotech Products

Full line up of laboratory equipment with CHC Biotech!


Products 1

Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅲ

Products 2

Biological Safety Cabinet Class Ⅱ

Products 3

Laminar Flow Hood (Clean Bench)

Products 4

Ductless Fume Hood

Products 5


Safety Trimming Work Station

Our own Special,

Our researchers are always exposed to biohazards and other elements while conducting experiments.
To ensure their safety, we must first equip ourselves with trustable equipment and facilities.
In other to achieve that, we strive to maximize the safety of our equipment by running validations based on
the equipment's regulations and guidelines

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CHC Biotech Brand Story

Full line up of essential equipment
for biological study in South Korea

CHC Biotech's biological safety cabinet's first priority is to protect
researchers, the environment, and experiment samples from biological
high-risk groups. Plus, technology developed 100% from CHC has been
internationally certified.

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CHC Biotech Validation

Unique Validation Service
Only in CHC Biotech

In CHC Biotech, we minimized unnecessary manufacturing cost by
producing locally. The one and only NSF Certifier trained by us locally
will be able to provide fast and accurate service in terms of equipment
installation and validation of operations.

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